Vai a It Services

It Services

Consulenza informatica on-site. Controllo e monitoraggio del corretto funzionamento del vostro reparto IT. Internet Security.

Vai a Iot Applications

Iot Applications

Monitoraggio ambientale, zootecnico ed industriale attraverso reti di sensori autonomi. Mantenimento e gestione dei dati in cloud con visualizzazione in real time.


We give smart answers to everyday environmental problems through the use of IOT and by applying existing technology in unexpected ways.


Enrico Carta

CEO and Technical Area manager
MCSE Server Infrastructure certificate EXIN – ITIL Foundation certificate

Fabiana Surace

Head of Marketing and Sales Personnel manager
MSc in Environmental Science

Ambra Milani

Head of R&D International relations manager
PhD in Chemical Oceanography and Sensors Development