Your animal's health depends on the quality of the environment it lives in.

Equine well-being
Taking care of your most precious asset means controlling the air your horse breathes when it is in its box. By monitoring harmful gases such as ammonia you can get useful information about his health, that will help you avoid the onset of respiratory diseases.
Sport performance
The environment in which your animal lives and rests affects its health, its racing performance and the incidence of diseases, especially respiratory ones. Its safety and health represent your peace of mind. By controlling the air your horse breathes, you can improve its health, increase its sporting performance and reduce veterinary expenses.
You'll always be connected with your horse, even when you can't be with him. Thanks to our customised, flexible and innovative solution for monitoring private boxes, stables or sheds, you can see your horse directly from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Have you thought about how important the air your horse breathes is?

Check its box, wherever you are and in real time.

Controlla il benessere del tuo cavallo anche da tablet, smartphone e pc
More than 30 parameters monitored
With our solution everything is customisable. Temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, ammonia, particles (PM 10, PM2.5), VOC, barometric pressure, ozone, THI, methane, carbon monoxide, noise, light, hydrogen sulphide, water and electricity consumption are just some of the parameters that you can keep under control at all times.
Remote Control
A self-contained, always connected device that allows you to keep environmental parameters, energy consumption and therefore the welfare of your animals under control, wherever you are, from tablets, smartphones and PCs. Data always visible and shareable from your private area on our secure and protected platform.
Scientific data

We provide you with the exact concentration of the pollutant affecting your horse's wellbeing. You receive alerts in case of problems, when the limits that you have set in accordance with your vet are exceeded. You can watch over your precious friend wherever you are with professional cameras and thermal imaging cameras specially installed for his safety and your peace of mind.

Your horse's health depends on the air it breathes

Suitable for any type of stable or box

Verifica la qualità dell'aria nel box per garantire un buono stato di salute al tuo cavallo
Data always safe

Enter your Reserved Area to have your data always at hand and share it with your vet.

Certified and calibrated sensors

Each sensor is certified and calibrated to ensure reliable data at all times.


Pre-configured and customised system, easy to install and simple to use.

The well-being of your horse: let's talk about it

How important are the environmental conditions for your horse?


Ammonia produced from animal manure increases its concentration as the degradation processes in the litter progress, so although it is a light gas, the greater quantities remain at ground level. Therefore, it is even more dangerous for horses at rest or growing foals.


The quality of the air inside the stable is important in any season. While in the summer months good air quality conditions are facilitated by the opening of the windows, in winter the ventilation points tend to get shut and high percentages of ammonia accumulate in the stables.

Particulate matter
Fine dust, better known as particulate matter or PM, causes respiratory disorders to the horse. These develop during cleaning or litter renewal in the stables. This group of respiratory diseases, known as equine asthma, has as its main cause poor air quality, both in the stable and outside during exercise.
Watching over the environment in which our noble companion lives is our responsibility. Ensuring a healthy environment is our duty. Temperature, humidity, dust, ammonia are just some of the environmental parameters responsible for the well-being of our horse. A good light, a continuous air flow, the possibility of movement, interaction with its surroundings, a place always clean and quiet complete the picture to have healthy and high performance animals.