Live Monitoring for conscious and sustainable farming in Greenhouses&Fields

Sustainable irrigation
Better management of your company's water resources allows you to avoid waste and preserve a commodity as valuable as water.
Early detection
Monitoring of environmental parameters will allow you to predict stressful conditions for the plants before they become apparent.
Real time monitoring and objective data for each parameter detected will give you the confidence that every action taken is the result of careful analysis.

The greenhouse of the future, today!

The IoT solution for environmental monitoring of your greenhouses. Wherever you are.

More than 20 parameters monitored

With our solution everything is customisable. Temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, oxygen, particles (PM 10, PM2.5), UV, VOC, barometric pressure, ozone, carbon monoxide, light, water and electricity consumption are just some of the parameters measured by our self-contained system. 

Cloud Platform

A unique device developed and assembled in Italy that allows you, through our cloud platform, to keep under control environmental parameters, energy consumption and therefore the overall status of your greenhouses.

You can integrate our solution with the automation systems already present to get the maximum benefit.

Scientific data

We provide you with the exact concentration of the pollutant that affects the performance of your crops. You will always have objective data to act promptly. Thanks to the integrated consumption measurements, it is possible to identify water and electrical leakages. You can receive alerts in the event of faults, saving on operating costs and improving plant performances.

Cynomys is the solution

Suitable for all your needs

Weather forecasts

Accurate weather forecasts will help you make choices day after day.

Certified and calibrated sensors

Each sensor is certified and calibrated for reliable data at all times.


Pre-configured and customised system, all you need is a power outlet and GSM coverage.

We put high technology at the service of the environment

Environmental sustainability and corporate sustainability: we reduce waste and reduce costs.


Thanks to our integrated system, you will have a decision support tool that will allow you to increase productivity while fully respecting the environment.


With everything under control wherever you are, you can optimise the use of resources, avoiding waste or unnecessary intervention.


According to the EPA (Environment Protection Agency, USA), a "smart farm" would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 9%.