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Plino, the stable kit, is aimed at passionate breeders who know the importance of keeping animals healthy in order to save money, time and to increase production. Thanks to Plinio, it is possible to accurately monitor the main environmental parameters in the housings and take prompt action before situations dangerous for the animals and the workers could occur

The importance of an healthy stable

Maintain a healthy environment fosters optimal animal growth, limits harmful gas emissions, ensures a wholesome workplace, and increases the farm overall productivity.
Plinio, the Stable Kit, was created to monitor the environmental parameters inside the stable.
With Plinio you can measure ammonia (NH3), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), temperature, humidity, brightness, noise and other variables of interest at the same time. The efficient control of these parameters allows optimal management of the farm environment.

Flexibily at you service

Plinio, the Stable Kit, is designed to fit the needs of every farmer and the characteristics of each stable. The collected data can be consulted on any connected device, and the users can choose the alert solutions that best suit them.
Plinio allows you to remotely control in real time the environmental parameters in the stable (on PC, smartphone, tablet). It can communicate with any electronic framework and it interacts easily with modern automation systems already present in the stable (e.g. ventilation and air conditioning systems).

Compliance made easy

Monitoring ammonia, methane, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulphide emissions has never been so easy. With the Stable Kit, compliance with EU and national standards is at your fingertips.
Plinio, the Stable Kit, allows you to set pre-configured alarms matched to the optimal animal welfare values indicated in the European Guidelines (Cross Compliance Verifiable Standards, 2017).

The right choice at the right time

Knowing in advance environmental parameters trend in the stable allows the farmer to optimize the intervention times and to improve the efficiency of the production process. With Plinio you can check at any time what your animals are breathing and what you can do to improve air quality by cleaning, ventilating or changing their diet in accordance with your vet. In this way, you optimise your working time and operating costs.


One-to-one with the farmer

Our team is always at your side to accompany you in the use of PLINIO. Feel free to ask us questions and send us proposals at any time. Together we will build the best assistance for you.


A tool that adds value to your farm

Thanks to PLINIO, you can affirm your commitment to maintaining high standards of animal welfare. A voluntary control tool that adds transparency and quality to your breeding.


An affordable investment for everyone

PLINIO is affordable to all breeders. With minimal investment you will save greatly on your farm's running costs and increase the overall productivity. Contact us to design together the solution that best suits your needs.


Quick and easy installation

PLINIO comes directly into your hands and you can install it in your premises in just a few minutes. Or you can ask for our assistance: we will be happy to help you and we will follow you step by step.


A system always on alert

Our system works in continuum and allows you to get away from your farm without worries: just take a look at your PC, smartphone or tablet to reassure yourself about your stable’s health.


Greater traceability for a transparent supply chain

Food ethics has become increasingly important for today's consumers, who are particularly attentive to the origins of animals derived food. PLINIO allows both large and small farmers to show their customers, be they consortia or direct clients, the quality of the environment in which the animals grow, thus reassuring them on the quality of life offered to them.